I Am Faithful

by Chuck Adair on May 24, 2023

I Am Faithful

Read Jeremiah 3:12-13
Today’s Truth

In Jeremiah 3, God’s people had really messed up. God had invested a lot in them. He freed them from slavery, led them into a new home and, yet they turned away and worshipped other gods. God had every right to turn them away. God says, “I am faithful,” and, “I will not be angry forever.”

Discussion Questions
  1. Does a past or present sin come to mind when you think about something that is too bad for God to take you back? Confess your sin to God and trust Him to forgive you and even take away your guilt.
  2. Are you struggling with a recurring sin? Describe that struggle.
  3. Who can you turn to this week for help? Why do you turn to them?
Life Application

God was faithful to keep His promises to Israel in the Old Testament, and He is faithful to keep His promise to us today.

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