Listen and Obey

by Chuck Adair on November 21, 2022

Listen and Obey

Read Deuteronomy 4:25-49
Today’s Truth

Moses warns Israel of the trouble they will face from disobeying God, but not without reminding them of God's faithfulness to them. Even though we disobey, the Lord is merciful and loving to us, and He longs to bring us back into obedience and into a right standing with Him.

Discussion Questions
  1. If Moses was giving this sermon to you, what examples in your life would he use to remind you of God's faithfulness?
  2. Is there something that the Lord is calling you to be obedient in today? How are you responding to Him?
  3. Has there been a time in your life that was characterized by disobedience? How did the Lord soften your heart back toward Him and what did He teach you during that time?

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