The Pursuit of Spiritual Laziness

by Chuck Adair on May 19, 2023

The Pursuit of Spiritual Laziness

Read Isaiah 66:1-2
Today’s Truth
God is eternal, all powerful, all knowing and ever present. The Lord's question is then 'Where then is a house you can build for Me?' 'Where is the place that I can dwell?' He made all that there is as He says in this verse. We look at what God has made and are blown away. We look at the size and scope of what this universe contains and stand back in awe.
Discussion Questions
  1. When you encounter the magnitude of God, what is your response?
  2. According to verse 2, who does God look to? Why is that quality so important to him?
  3. God is looking for a heart to dwell in, a heart that is tender and broken, not one concerned with the externals of religion. God is looking to dwell in the heart of people who take His Word seriously.' Is that your desire? Why or why not?
Life Application
One day the plan of God will be complete, and we shall be revealed as we truly are - a new Creation in the likeness of the Son - Jesus Christ. God does all things well and while we don't see or grasp all that He has done here yet, one day it will be openly manifested. We shall be like Him. This is not a path to 'Godhood'! He is God and we will always be His creation. But in sharing His life with us we shall be truly found in His image, and we shall be free forever from sin, guilt and failure!

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