The Crucial Work of Servant Leaders

Chuck AdairSeptember 18, 2022All Church

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Passage: Acts


How much or little we think of servant-leader ministry today rests, in significant measure, on what problem we think those first servant-leaders were solving. Was this merely a matter of entrées and sides for some lonely and vulnerable women, or was the church facing a deeper, more sensitive threat?

Sermon Questions
  1. What qualities come to mind as you think of servant-leaders in the church?
  2. The apostles devoted themselves to teaching and prayer yet understood the need for Spirit-filled people to engage in everyday tasks. Why is that balance so important?
  3. Where are you serving right now in the church? If you are not serving. why aren’t you?
  4. Look for godly saints who see and meet needs discreetly (they don’t need or want credit), at their own expense (they sacrifice), and without being asked (they take the initiative to solve problems)” These qualities prepare a man (or woman) to anticipate and heal cracks in the church by meeting practical needs. Does that statement describe you? Why or why not?
  5. What band-aids are you equipped to place on the wounds of the church?
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