The Motives, Marks, and Means of Church Unity

Chuck AdairJuly 31, 2022All Church

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Passage: Philippians 1:27-2:5


There have always been issues in the Big “C” church concerning unity. There have always been divisions in the church, even going back to the New Testament. That is why the apostle Paul writes so much about pursuing, preserving, protecting unity. The apostle Paul knows that unity is a product of love, and love is a product of humility, and humility is a profound virtue, in fact, maybe the noblest of all Christian virtues. Humility enables us to love sacrificially, and sacrificial love is what creates unity.

Sermon Questions
  1. Why is unity so critical for the church and for us as people living together to maintain?
  2. What is your motivation for unity? What is God’s motive for unity?
  3. You don’t get unity from shared emotion. You don’t get unity from shared experience. Unity comes when believers think alike. What does that statement mean to you?
  4. We are commanded to do nothing from selfishness? How are believers selfish in the way we deal with one another?
  5. How do we look out for the interests of others?
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