An Urgent Message

by Chuck Adair on August 01, 2023

An Urgent Message

Read Jeremiah 52:4
Today’s Truth

This passage is about the destruction of Jerusalem. As God has said through the prophet Jeremiah over and over and over again, judgment is coming, judgment is coming, judgment is coming, because of your sin against me, and yet over and over and over again, the people of God did not listen to the word of God. They didn’t listen to Jeremiah. They did not trust God’s word and as a result, Jerusalem was destroyed, and the people of God were scattered into exile.

Discussion Question
  1. God’s word is true and his promises come to pass. How has that been true in your life?
  2. Judgement is coming. How does that make you live?
  3. Have you trusted Jesus? Are you trusting him as both Savior and Lord? Explain your answer.
Life Application

Jeremiah 52:4 Demonstrates God’s Judgment, Judgment Is Coming, But There Is News of Available Salvation!

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