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One of the ways we spread the gospel and God's love is through our giving.  Your donations help us impact our church, our community, and missionaries around the world.

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Text "Missions" and Amount to 972-435-7226 (Example:"Missions100.00") or Select "Missions" fund in Online Giving.

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Pioneer Bible Translators

Office:(214) 699-4300


Imagine what your life would be like if you had no access to God’s Word, or if the only Bible available to you was written in a foreign language. That situation – so far from our own experience – is reality for about a billion people today. As a church, we are helping to change that through our support of missionaries who serve with Pioneer Bible Translators. As you give to our Missions Fund, YOU are placing God’s Word into the hands of Bibleless people so it can change their hearts and transform their lives.