Are You Blinded by Sin?

by Chuck Adair on June 13, 2024

Are You Blinded by Sin?

Read Genesis 42:28
Today’s Truth

Joseph is a ruling official in Egypt, facing his brothers who abandoned him. Their fates are in his hands as they ask for food for their famine-starved families. So many years have passed that they do not recognize him as their very own brother.

But Joseph recognizes them and seeks to restore their relationship with him.

Discussion Questions
  • Are you as close to God as you want to be? Why or why not?
  • Is there any unconfessed sin in your life? Pray Psalm 139:23-24 over yourself, asking the Lord to show you any unconfessed sin. Confess, turn from your sin, and let Him lead you “in the way everlasting.”

Blind to Joseph’s identity, blaming God rather than man, continuing to trust their own strength, the brothers do not see they are not in control, that God is working, and they need help beyond themselves. We often are slow to recognize when God is using a situation to bring us to confession and restoration.

Just as the brothers’ hidden sin (betraying Joseph years before) created spiritual blindness in them, our sins blind us as well. God will push away our blindness to show us His grace and love, leading us to confess our sins and embrace His forgiveness. Only when we do that will we have peace in our puzzling circumstances, as we are forgiven and restored to a relationship with Him.

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