Are You Looking for a Sign that God is With You?

by Chuck Adair on July 02, 2024

Are You Looking for a Sign that God is With You?

Read Exodus 4:10-17
Today’s Truth

Moses was a simple shepherd living in a foreign land, far from where his life started out. When God shared His plan to rescue His people from enslavement in Egypt, Moses responded with questions and doubt.

It’s not that Moses didn’t want God to do something amazing for His people; it’s that Moses wasn’t sure if he was good enough to be part of God’s plan. He wanted a sign. And another sign. And another.

Sometimes life takes us to an uncomfortable, unexpected place. We have to work an undesirable job, a friend walks out on us, or the budget gets tight between paychecks. When we hear God has a plan for our lives, we want to believe it. But from our current perspective, it seems nearly impossible.

Discussion Questions
  • Is there any area of your life where you’re struggling to believe God is with you? If so, what is it?
  • What’s one way Jesus has provided for you in the past in a way you didn’t expect? What does this say about His ability to come through in the future?
  • What is keeping you from doing the next thing God has called you to do

No matter how many excuses we come up with, God always provides more than enough signs that He’s with us and for us. He provides the tools we need to complete the tasks He’s called us to.

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