Do You Trust God with Some or with All?

by Chuck Adair on June 09, 2023

Do You Trust God with Some or with All?

Read Jeremiah 15:18
Today’s Truth

Life can be overwhelming, and we often feel the weight of the world on our shoulders. Maybe it's the children screaming or the troubled relationship or the bills that keep piling in the mailbox. Before we realize it, we’re hosting a pity party in our own living room and questioning God's presence.  

Discussion Questions
  1. What’s one area of your life where you have trouble completely trusting God?
  2. What’s one thing you can do this week to begin trusting God completely with that part of your life?  
  3. What part of your life do you keep from God?
Life Application

When we find that the load we’re carrying is too heavy, it’s a sign that we haven’t released our entire situation into God’s waiting hands. He promises to deliver those who seek and yearn for Him.

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