Every Good Thing Comes from God

by Chuck Adair on September 21, 2023

Every Good Thing Comes from God 

Read Ezekiel 31:9-11
Today’s Truth

In Ezekiel 31:9-11, the prophet is talking about his judgment coming toward Egypt. But in the beginning, he’s talking about Assyria and how Assyria was like a cedar in Lebanon. And the description is this towering majestic tree, high with branches that were beautiful. The trees of Eden envied it, that were in the garden of God. This beautiful tree, but don’t miss what verse nine says. God says, “I made it beautiful.”

Discussion Question
  1. Explain the idea that the beauty we see in the world is evidence of God’s goodness?
  2. How are you giving thanks for God’s goodness?
  3. We are not the reason for good things in this life? Write a prayer of thanksgiving for God’s goodness.
Life Application

All good things are evidence of God’s goodness. It is He who makes things beautiful.

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