God Always Shows Up

by Chuck Adair on June 14, 2024

God Always Shows Up 

Read Genesis 43:23
Today’s Truth

God often shows up in the most unexpected situations. In Genesis 43, Jacob’s family is suffering from a famine in the land. He sends his sons to Egypt to purchase food. After their trip, the sons discover the silver they used to buy food was put back in their sacks. Out of food again, Jacob instructed his boys to return to Egypt to purchase more and return the silver. 

Payday is bittersweet. After paying bills, we can often sit staring at an empty bank account, gas tank, and empty bellies to fill. The good news is, God is never caught off guard by our circumstances. He is not worried even when we feel like we are barely making it from check to check. At just the right time He can provide all that we need. If everything is smooth sailing there is no need for God to step in and do the miraculous. Maybe you won't find treasure in your pockets this week, but we serve a creative God, and He loves to provide in unexpected ways. What do you need from God this week? Why not ask Him? We can be confident because God is a God of miracles.

Discussion Questions
  • Blessing doesn’t have to be monetary. Think back over last year. How did God unexpectedly bless you? What did those experiences teach you about Him?
  • How could you unexpectedly bless someone else today?
  • Is there anything you need to ask God for today?

In the toughest times, God is waiting for the perfect opportunity to bless our socks off. You may be going through an emotional, spiritual, or financial famine. Don’t be afraid, God is in control. What blessings will you find in your sack today?

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