Introduction to Haggai

by Chuck Adair on February 08, 2024

Introduction to Haggai

Read Haggai 1:4
Today’s Truth

In Haggai, we catch a glimpse of God’s people returned from Babylonian exile; though they were sent back to Jerusalem with a command to rebuild the temple, things haven’t gone so well. The book of Ezra tells us about some of the resistance the newly returned Israelites faced in rebuilding the temple, ultimately putting a stop to their efforts. Sure, God’s people were back home in Jerusalem after years in captivity, but things weren’t the same. They began to invest their time and energy in matters other than the temple rebuilding project. They were living comfortably in their “paneled houses (1:4),” but God’s dwelling place remained unrestored. 

Discussion Question
  1. Watch the Bible Project’s overview of Haggai:
  2. What questions do you have after watching the video?
  3. Why is it important to learn this book?
Life Application

Because we live in a fallen world, we are drawn to empty pursuits. Haggai, then, offers good news for those who are wearied from these futile investments. It promises us that the God who sends us is the God who supplies us; and He is, ultimately, the God who satisfies us. 

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