Loss of Value

by Chuck Adair on August 07, 2023

Loss of Value

Read Lamentations 4:1
Today’s Truth

Jeremiah talks about how the gold has lost its luster and gems are scattered on the street corners. Both the gold and the gems have lost their value. The loss of value was because the nation had been destroyed and everyone was in captivity. At that point the greatest concern was food, shelter, clothing, and life. Money and things did not mean anything.

Discussion Question
  1. How much do money and things mean to you? What would it take for you to trust God more than thing?
  2. Wealth is praised, honored and desire by many? What are the things in your life that is most important?
  3. God is there in and through disasters that occur on this earth. His love and peace in the life of a believer will never end. Do you believe that? Explain.
Life Application

There are many things that you can run after and seek to have in this world. Your first goal should be to seek after God and His will and ways. Fight for what lasts for eternity, rather than what is temporary and has zero meaning in a disaster.

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