No Reason to Worry

by Chuck Adair on June 20, 2024

No Reason to Worry

Read Genesis 47:27
Today’s Truth

Genesis 47:27 is the fulfillment, in part, of God’s promise in chapter 46. God said to Jacob, I will be with you. I will go with you into the land of Egypt, and I will bless you there. In chapter 47 it’s happening. When we go into unknowns, we don’t have to be afraid because God will provide. Often times when God provides, we forget to pause and see his provision.

Discussion Questions
  • Where do you need to pause and thank God for his faithfulness in your life?
  • In what ways have God provided for you?
  • How have you had to trust God and allow him to work in the unknowns in life?

Think about things that were unknown in your life a year ago or a month ago, whenever, some point in the past that you’ve seen His faithfulness at work in this way or that way. Just pause and thank Him for that. Then let that be an impetus for trusting him with the next challenge that lies before you instead of not pausing and thanking Him for that and then worrying about the next challenge. Like we missed out on giving gratitude to God in that circumstance and we missed out on the confidence God gives us going into the next circumstance.

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