Not You but God

by Chuck Adair on June 18, 2024

Not You but God

Read Genesis 45:8
Today’s Truth

As Joseph is speaking to his brothers he says, “It wasn’t you who sent me here.” Well in one sense, absolutely it was. Like they’re the ones who sold him into slavery. He wouldn’t have been there if they hadn’t sinned against him, if they hadn’t hurt him, if they hadn’t betrayed him, if they hadn’t almost killed him and instead decided to sell him into slavery. So in a sense, yes they did, they did send him there.

Discussion Questions
  • How has evil been used for good in your life?
  • How has God redeemed situations in your life for his good purpose?
  • Explain this statement: Put your trust in God. Turn from sin and evil and trust in God. This is the gospel, repent and believe. Turn from sin, turn from evil and all of its effects and trust in Jesus.

Genesis 45:8 Reminds Us God Is In Control! But know this. This is the good news ultimately of the Bible. There is another perspective. There is a God over this world who is holy and good. And this God is omnipotent, and omniscient, and sovereign. Which means he is in control. Which means sin and evil are not ultimately in control. And the devil and demons are not ultimately in control. The adversary, the deceiver is not ultimately in control.

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