Our Good Shepherd

by Chuck Adair on February 28, 2024

Our Good Shepherd 

Read Zechariah 11:15-17
Today’s Truth

So just to give a little context behind what we just read in the first part of this chapter, Zechariah does what we often see a prophet do in the Old Testament and he acts out God’s word as a picture of what God is saying to his people. In Zechariah 11:15-17, he acts out the role of a shepherd who is leading God’s people for their good, favor, and union, and grace, and mercy, and the goodness of God. And then as Zechariah acts this out, we see a picture of the people being shepherded as the sheep of God, rejecting the good shepherd, turning against him and wanting nothing to do with him, refusing him, rebelling against him.

Discussion Question
  1. How has God been your good shepherd?
  2. Do a little research. What are the roles of shepherds?
  3. Why do sheep need good shepherds?
Life Application

Don’t look to foolish shepherds, namely ourselves, other people in this world, other ideologies in this world, other pursuits in this world. Look to God alone for the leadership of your life. Let your eyes be fixed on him all day today, all day tomorrow, as the good shepherd who promises to nourish you, lead you, guide you, provide for you, give you everything you need. You can trust God as the shepherd of your life.

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