Returning to God

by Chuck Adair on November 21, 2023

Returning to God

Read Joel 2:12-13
Today’s Truth

The Holy just God of the universe whom we have sinned against is gracious and merciful. He is slow to anger and He is abounding, He’s like full of, like overflowing with steadfast love. And He relents over disaster.

Discussion Question
  1. What does it mean to you that God is gracious and merciful?
  2. When we fall short of the glory of God, we ought to return to God in repentance. What does it mean to repent?
  3. What does it mean to return to God with your whole heart?
Life Application

God delights in renewing, changing, restoring, redeeming, saving, transforming. God delights in that when we turn from our sin with fasting, with weeping, with mourning. And obviously, this is in one sense a picture of salvation. Like we experience forgiveness from God the moment we turn from our sin and ourselves and replace our trust in Jesus as Savior, Lord of our lives.

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