Seeking Righteousness and Humility

by Chuck Adair on February 06, 2024

Seeking Righteousness and Humility

Read Zephaniah 2:3
Today’s Truth

  In the middle of these promises of judgment, we see this command, this invitation, this call to seek the Lord. All you humble of the land, who do his just commands. Seeking the Lord, doing justice, doing the just commands of God, those go together. Seeking the Lord. All you humble of the land. So humility, justice, obedience, seek righteousness, to seek the Lord is to seek righteousness, seek humility. Humility comes up again.

Discussion Question
  1. In the midst of talk of judgment, there is an invitation to seek God. What did it look like for you to seek God?
  2. Salvation is not found in your good works; it is found in the righteousness of Jesus. Have you accepted this invitation to trust in Jesus? If you have, why have you done that. If you have not, why have you not done that?
  3. How do you humbly seek your God?
Life Application

Live in Jesus, seek him, humble yourself before him every day, do his just commands, seek his kingdom and his righteousness. Seek humility, for this is where the favor of God is found. It’s where the grace and the mercy of God are found. Ultimately, this is where we find the life that God created us for.

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