The Friend Who Never Fails

by Chuck Adair on June 11, 2024

The Friend Who Never Fails

Read Genesis 40:20-23
Today’s Truth

In Genesis 40, the cupbearer had fallen really far, just like Joseph. He had gone from being the guy Pharaoh trusted with his life to being in a dungeon. Joseph had gone from being a favorite son to a slave, then from head of the house to prison.

With so much in common, isn’t it likely they would become friends? In Genesis 40:14, Joseph asks a favor from his new friend saying, “When all goes well with you, remember me and show me kindness, mention me to Pharaoh and get me out of this prison.” The cupbearer got his job back, but he didn’t remember Joseph. Genesis 40:23 says, “he forgot him.”

Discussion Questions
  • What is one example, in your life, of a time when a friend or family member let you down, forgot about you, or hurt you? We are all human and will at some point let each other down, but Jesus is perfect and will never let us down. 
  • Is there any area of your life where you feel abandoned or alone? Know that Jesus will never forget you, abandon you, or leave you alone.
  • Talk to Jesus about any way in which you feel let down by others, and ask Him to show you that He will never let you down. 

We all have cupbearers in our lives. Friends will abandon us, family will let us down and people will persecute us for all sorts of reasons. But Jesus will never leave us high and dry. He is the friend who sticks closer than a brother. He will not forget us.

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