The Holy Wrath of God

by Chuck Adair on July 28, 2023

The Holy Wrath of God

Read Jeremiah 50:25
Today’s Truth

Mark it down, God will show justice to sinners who defy Him and rebel against Him, and refused to turn and trust in Him. And God is completely holy and just in showing a wrath like this, in opening His armory.

Discussion Questions
  1. Do you believe that God will bring his wrath against those who refuse to turn and trust in Him? Explain Your answer.
  2. How are we to pray for those who are lost in their sin?
  3. God is a God of justice and yet we want his mercy in regard to our own failures? How has God shown you mercy and grace?
Life Application

Jeremiah 50:25 Leads Us to Pray Injustice Will Not Reign

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