The Shepherd of Our Life

by Chuck Adair on June 21, 2024

The Shepherd of Our Life

Read Genesis 48:15
Today’s Truth

This is Jacob blessing Joseph. And as he does, listen to the way he speaks about God. I’ll read it again. He says, “The God before whom my fathers, Abraham and Isaac walked.” So, he’s looking back on how God has been faithful to his grandfather-Abraham, to his father-Isaac, in a way that has carried on to God being faithful to him. The God before whom my fathers, Abraham and Isaac walked. And he says the God who has been my shepherd all my life long to this day. What a picture of God’s loving leadership in Jacob’s life, that he would look back. So, this is at the end of Jacob’s life. He would look back and he would say, God has shepherded my life every day. 

Discussion Questions
  • How has God been faithful to you in your life?
  • How has God shepherded your life?
  • God has been guiding us throughout our life caring for us and showing how much He loves us. Where have you seen that?

Jesus is the good shepherd. He says, I lay my life down for my sheep. He loves you, and he is the Shepherd of your life. And he will shepherd your life as you trust in him for your good and for his glory as the great Shepherd. So, I encourage you to look back today at the God who has been faithful to so many who have gone before us in faith. And the God who promises to be a faithful shepherd to you.

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