What Distracts You?

by Chuck Adair on November 13, 2023

What Distracts You?

Read Hosea 9:10
Today’s Truth

We’re not that different from the Israelites. Couple our own self-doubt with the promise of a good time, harmless fun, or that no one will know, and we can be just as easily enticed to sin. Over time, continual sin causes us to lose focus on God the same way Israel lost focus on God. Pretty soon, we’re doing things we said we’d never do, going places we said we’d never go and saying things we said we’d never say.

Discussion Question
  1. Identify the people and events in your life that have caused you to take your focus off of God.  What’s one step you can take this week to reduce these distractions?
  2. The Bible provides instruction that is applicable today.  What’s one thing you’ve learned while reading the Bible that has changed the way you think or act?
  3. God extends grace to every one of us.  Is there anything you need to take to God today?
Life Application

God’s grace was abounding then and still is today. He is a loving, compassionate and forgiving God. He does not change. If you have strayed from God, be assured that His arms are opened wide welcoming you back into His care. Refocus your attention on God today. Take the first step and ask God to take control of your life.

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