What Happens When We Forget the Power of Grace

by Chuck Adair on June 07, 2023

What Happens When We Forget the Power of Grace

Read Jeremiah 13:1-5
Today’s Truth

The danger in arrogance is that our own importance overshadows God and His true goodness. When we believe our position holds more weight and power than God’s authority, we are blinded to the truth that everything we are is a gift from above. When we focus on ourselves more than Jesus, listening to Him gets tough and doing what He says becomes almost impossible. We can’t praise God when we are constantly praising ourselves.

Discussion Questions
  1. Why do you think it matters so much to God that we understand grace?
  2. Are your actions reflecting God and His grace or are your actions pointing back to you?
  3. What’s one way to show God how thankful we are for His grace?
Life Application

God loves us deeply and immensely. He wants to delight in us, and through us, give hope to our friends and families. Our value to the Lord is great. But we didn't do anything to earn our position and favor with God.

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