You are Equipped but are You Willing?

by Chuck Adair on May 26, 2023

You are Equipped but are You Willing?

Read Jeremiah 5:1
Today’s Truth

Being the only Christian at work, in your social circle or in your family is tough. Often our values and choices don’t line up with those around us, which can make conversations awkward. It feels like people tiptoe around certain subjects to avoid offending us. At the same time, we’re wondering, “How in the world can I share the Gospel alone? Can’t I get some help, Jesus?”

Discussion Questions
  1. Are you the only Christian at work, school, etc.? How do you be faithful in those moments?
  2. List the people you know that needs to respond to the gospel? Pray for those people right now?
  3. Have you tried to share the gospel in the past and feel you failed? What is keeping you from sharing the gospel with unbelievers in your life?
Life Application

As Christians, we have the power to offer salvation and forgiveness to those around us. What they decide to do with Jesus isn’t our responsibility. Jesus has equipped us, so be willing to take up His charge and love those around you by sharing the good news of who Jesus is.

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