Are You Living with Forever in Mind?

by Chuck Adair on March 22, 2024

Are You Living with Forever in Mind? 

Read Revelation 7:9-12
Today’s Truth

In heaven, we will not worry about who should have apologized or whether we are successful. Instead, we will be consumed with our worship for the Lord. And in that worship, we will be united as one people whose ultimate goal is to give God all the honor and glory and praise. 

Discussion Questions
  1. How much of your time, energy, and effort goes to things that won’t last forever?
  1. What’s one thing you can do today to adopt a kingdom mentality and live as if you were preparing yourself for eternity?
  2. What do you need to give up that reminds you that God and God alone is worthy of our worship?
Life Application

Revelation reminds us that having a kingdom mentality has a lot less to do with having answers, and a lot more to do with having the right attitude. When we’re living with forever in mind, our lives are marked by forever stuff: humility, unity, and love.

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