Do You Remember?

by Chuck Adair on May 23, 2023

Do You Remember?

Read Jeremiah 2:1-3
Today’s Truth
Do you remember those first days in the relationship between you and the Lord — the wonder of love, and the joy of it? What the prophet is bringing out here is that at such a time, the loved one is the chief priority of life. No other relationship is more important than yours with him, or his with you.
Discussion Questions
1. Have we become so self-consumed we have lost our focus on our Bridegroom?
2. What does it look like to return to our first love?
3. Do you remember the zeal of your first days of serving the Lord? What do you need to do to return to that zeal?
Life Application
This is the first thing God says to a heart which has begun to drift — Remember, remember — what it was like when you were secure in my affections, separate unto me, like Israel, holy to The Lord and exclusively his.

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