Don’t Trust in Fleeting Things

by Chuck Adair on July 27, 2023

Don’t Trust in Fleeting Things 

Read Jeremiah 49:4
Today’s Truth

Jeremiah 49:4 is a powerful picture of pride in the heart, boasting about valleys, trusting in treasures of this world, thinking, “Who could come against me?” Thinking that having stuff in this world, having position in this world, makes one invincible in this world. Oh, see the foolishness of trusting in possessions and position, even power in this world. See the foolishness of trusting in any of these things. Your possessions could be gone in an instant. Your position in an instant, your power in an instant, gone. Don’t boast in any of these things. 

Discussion Questions
  1. In what, besides the Lord, have you trusted for your security?
  2. Why do we think that a job or more money is the answer to life’s issues? How is that proven false?
  3. How is God your greatest treasure?
Life Application

Trusting in possessions or position in this world is a recipe for disaster. God help us not to boast in anything other than Christ.

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