Have I Gone Too Far?

by Chuck Adair on November 09, 2023

Have I Gone Too Far? 

Read Hosea 7:10-11
Today’s Truth

When we sin, it can feel hard to return to God. Maybe we’re enjoying the sin we’re living in. Like Ephraim in Hosea 7:10-11, we experience the consequences of our sin, but refuse to return to God because of our pride. We like our plans for our lives, so we assume that we can manage the consequences. If we turn back to God, we will have to submit to His plan for our lives.

Discussion Question
  1. Is there one sin you do not want to give up? Explain your answer.
  2. What will the consequences be if you remain in that sin? Be specific.
  3. What will happen if you turn back to God? Will you turn back to Him today? Explain your answer.
Life Application

The good news is just like God longed to redeem Ephraim,  He longs to redeem all of us. There is no sin too big for Jesus to forgive. There is no place far enough to run that you cannot come home to Him. He is pursuing you, desperately longing for you to return to Him. He wants to forgive you, heal you, and show you His amazing plan for your life. You cannot out-sin the grace of God. All you need to do is humble yourself, return to Him and allow your change of heart to lead to a change in behavior.

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