Let Justice Roll Like a River

by Chuck Adair on December 04, 2023

Let Justice Roll Like a River

Read Amos 5:24
Today’s Truth

The prophet Amos called the people of God in his day to account for their disregard and abuse of the powerless and poor, and his words echo off the walls of the church today. God reminds us that if the church does not pursue justice, then our worship, praise, and offerings are detestable to him. We are to "hate evil, love good," and "maintain justice in the courts."  Amos 5:15

Discussion Question
  1. Why would God hate worship that just goes through the motions?
  2. Have you ever gone through the motions in church? What do you need to do to change that?
  3. How are others in your life affected when you are spiritually going through the motions?
Life Application

The church is more than a gathering of worshipers. The church must reach beyond itself into all of God's creation. It is called to be the voice of the poor and powerless--the witness to justice and righteousness in a world ruled by power and wealth. Throughout history God has raised up prophets to proclaim a message otherwise silenced by apathy and greed.

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