Love Never Fails!

by Chuck Adair on November 15, 2023

Love Never Fails!

Read Hosea 11:9
Today’s Truth

In Hosea 11, we see how God loves His children, Israel, even though they turn away from Him. While Israel kept failing, God’s love for them never did. God is a loving father who wants good gifts for His children. His love is unconditional. God’s love was not based on what Israel did or didn’t do; it was based on their position as His children. Nothing could ever change God’s love for them.

Discussion Question
  1. Is your past preventing you from experiencing the love God has for you?
  2. Is your view of God’s love conditional or positional?
  3. Are you struggling to understand how God could love someone like you? 
Life Application

God’s love for you is not based on your condition but is based upon your position as His child. In your life you may fail, but God’s love for you will never fail.

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