Nothing More Than a Nice Voice

by Chuck Adair on September 25, 2023

Nothing More Than a Nice Voice 

Read Ezekiel 33:32
Today’s Truth

The call upon Ezekiel to be a watchman was renewed by God. He was to warn the people of coming judgment and to strive to get the people to turn back to God. Even though Ezekiel was doing what God wanted him to do, many of the people saw him as just another person. They heard the words Ezekiel was speaking and thought that they sounded good, but did nothing more.

Discussion Question
  1. Each time you hear God’s word, whether in a sermon, a song, podcast, blog, reading the Bible, or any other method, what do you do with it?
  2. How are you putting into practice the things you are learning in God’s word?
  3. The Bible is filled with many beautiful stories about God’s love. It is also filled with many stories of God’s judgment. It is a great book to read or hear about, but it is so much more than just stories. It is what points a person to life and shows a person how to live life. Respond to that statement.
Life Application

People can hear about God’s love and about all of His commands, but if they do nothing with it, the words mean nothing. Going to church and hearing a sermon is just a routine for many people, something that they must do to look good for God. Just hearing God’s word is not enough, putting the words of God into practice is what needs to happen.

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