Temptation to Compromise

by Chuck Adair on July 11, 2024

Temptation to Compromise

Read Exodus 10:24
Today’s Truth

This was the temptation in a sense for Moses, plague, after plague, after plague, Pharaoh in the Book of Exodus is still not delivering the people of Israel from slavery. He’s not letting them go. So, finally, in his frustration, he says to Moses, “Okay, you can go, your little ones can go with you, but let your flocks and your herds stay here.” But that’s not what God had said. God had said He was gonna deliver the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. And not only were all the Israelites, including the little ones, gonna go but the flocks and herds were gonna go. And not only that, but the people of Egypt were gonna send all kinds of goods with them. 

Discussion Questions
  • In what ways have you been tempted to compromise your faith?
  • How have you had to trust God to fight temptation?
  • Where are you currently being tempted to compromise your relationship with the Lord?

I can only imagine it was tempting at this point for Moses to say, “Okay, we got to this point. Let’s compromise in a sense. Okay, if he’s willing to let us go, that’s better than staying, so let’s go. Even though we won’t take the flocks and the herds, we’ll go anyway because Pharaoh’s giving us that much.” But that is not what God had called Moses to do. God had called Moses to deliver these people out of slavery in Egypt. With all the flocks and herds, and with goods the Egyptians would provide on the way. So, Moses says “No, God,” through Moses says, “that’s not what I am calling you to do.”

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