The Eternal Reign of God

by Chuck Adair on August 08, 2023

The Eternal Reign of God

Read Lamentations 5:19-23
Today’s Truth

Wow, what an ending to this book. As Jeremiah lifts up his voice saying, “You, O Lord, reign forever. Your throne endures to all generations. Your kingdom reigns forever. Nothing can stop you,” the only thing that matters then is our relationship to you. So Jeremiah cries out, “God, please restore us to yourself.” This is something only God can do.

Discussion Question
  1. Is God your only hope? Explain your answer.
  2. Do you lift up to God the good and bad? Is that your first response? Why or why not?
  3. How is God the only hope for our broken city, state, country, and world?
Life Application

So, we pray continually restore us to yourself, O God, that we may be restored. Draw us into closer and closer relationship with you. God, we pray. We pray this for our lives that you would help us to live in continual repentance and when and if, when we sin, God, that you would convict us and restore us to yourself immediately.

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