The Gospel According to the Wise Men

Light of the World

Chuck AdairDecember 12, 2021All Church, Christmas

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Passage: Matthew 2:1-18


Here is the big question we need to answer: Who were these guys? It’s obvious they were astrologers. But don’t just think kooky, stargazing club. Their title indicates they were part of the Persian priestly, ruling class. How did they put all this together—the star indicating a king, etc.? Short answer, God revealed it to them.

Sermon Questions
  1. Based on this sermon, who are the wise men?
  2. Who was Herod and why is he an important character in this story?
  3. How does this story show that the gospel is for the nations?
  4. God will accomplish His purposes. How have you seen that in your own life?
  5. In your own words, what is the message of Christmas?
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