Summer Baggage

Nathan LoweAugust 28, 2022All Church

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No one wants to be thought of as weak. No one wants to be thought of as wimpy. No one gets up in the morning, goes out to their day, and says, "Do you know what? I want to be a coward today." We want to be strong. We want to live with courage. In Joshua 1, we see what it looks like to live by courage instead of fear.

Sermon Questions
  1. Describe a time in your life when you have been afraid. Has fear ever paralyzed you? Explain.
  2. What is your definition of courage?
  3. In what ways have you had to be responsible for things in life in which you needed to be courageous?
  4. What changes in your life have you made that called for courage? Have there been times in your life where you stayed in hard situations? Explain.
  5. How does it take courage to take God at his word?
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