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Jerry GonzalezSeptember 4, 2022All Church

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Sloth is not to be confused with laziness. A slothful man may be a very busy man. He is a man who goes through the motions, who flies on automatic pilot. Like a man with a bad head cold, he has mostly lost his sense of taste and smell . . . people come and go, but through glazed eyes he hardly notices them. He is letting things run their course. He is getting through his life.

Sermon Questions
  1. When you think of the word, “Sloth” what comes to mind for you?
  2. How does business and slothfulness go together?
  3. Sloth is a craving for personal comfort at all costs. How is slothfulness costly?
  4. Being comforted is not the same thing as being made comfortable. God is not in the business of making us comfortable. Eternally safe in Christ? Yes. Free from his wrath? Yes. Victorious over sin? Amen. But comfortable? No. How do you react to that statement?
  5. Sloth is not the sickness, it is a symptom. What is the idol behind the symptom of sloth?
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