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Psalms for November

Chuck AdairNovember 20, 2022All Church

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Passage: Psalms


The psalm is very personal. There is no "we" or "us" or "they," but only "my" and "me'' and "I" and "he" and "you." It is an overflow of David's personal experience with God. One of the reasons it has such an attraction for us is that we all hunger for such authentic experience with God, and a personal witness to that experience brings us a step closer ourselves.

Sermon Questions

  1. Why do you think Psalm 23 means so much to so many people? Does it mean something to you? Explain.
  2. Why is it not good to talk about God without talking to God?
  3. How has the dark and deep valley’s drawn you closer to God? Why are the hard times for many of us the “God times”?
  4. How has God restored your soul?
  5. How are you stirring a lot of prayer into your theology?
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Sermons in Psalms for November