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Psalms for November

Chuck AdairNovember 6, 2022All Church

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This psalm contrasts the godly and the ungodly; those who walk with God, he says, are like trees with deep roots besides streams of water who bear fruit year after year and prosper in all they do. The ungodly, by contrast are like chaff… (Chaff is the shell around a wheat seed…. It is very light; to separate the wheat from the chaff they would put it in a basket and throw it up in the air and the wind would carry it away.)

Sermon Questions
  1. What are the Psalms? Why is it important for you and I to read them?
  2. What is the life event that has been beyond your ability to manage?
  3. A tree without roots is tumbleweed. A tumbleweed is freer than a tree, but is it happier? Explain your answer.
  4. The closest believers ever come to hell is pain and suffering on this side of the grave; the closest unbelievers come to heaven is fleeting pleasure this side of the grave. How do you react to that statement?
  5. How do you meditate on the gospel on a regular basis?
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Sermons in Psalms for November