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Chuck AdairApril 30, 2023All Church, Giving

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Generosity is not something he wants from you because he has no needs. It’s something he wants for you because money has a way of captivating our hearts, tearing us away from God, and subjugating us to all kinds of heartache; generosity is how God tests us and liberates us.

Sermon Questions
  1. Would you consider yourself a liberal giver or a stingy giver? Explain your answer.
  2. Most American Christians give about 2.5%. The average secular person gives away 1.8%. Does that scream “we live for a different kingdom?” Explain your answer.
  3. When how you see money is distorted, it messes up every part of your life. How has money messed up your life?
  4. Don’t worry about tomorrow. What is it about tomorrow you are worried about?
  5. When it comes to Kingdom giving, what are your next steps of faithfulness?
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