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Chuck AdairApril 16, 2023Giving

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Passage: Luke 16:1-14


Why are we talking about giving? Because one of our values here at the GP Church is to make disciples, not just converts--to raise up a generation of fully committed disciples, not just gather a large group of attenders--and this is one of the most crucial dimensions of discipleship.

Sermon Questions
  1. Why is it so awkward for us to talk about giving and our finances in church? If it is not awkward, why don’t we talk about it more often?
  2. How and why is our giving a crucial dimension of our discipleship?
  3. Did you know that Jesus talked about our relationship with money more than he did about prayer and faith combined? More than heaven and hell. He brings up this subject in more than 40% of his parables and teachings on the kingdom. If I preached on money as often as Jesus, it would be every 3rd sermon. Why do you believe it was that important for Jesus to consistently talk about money?
  4. In the parable, the master praises the shady manager. What is the point Jesus is trying to make in this story?
  5. Do you see your resources as fundamentally yours or God’s? Who really owns them?
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