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Chuck AdairJune 12, 2021All Church, Acts

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Passage: Acts 28:30-31


This is God's story. It's the Holy Spirit's story. It's what God is doing because he loves people, and he's willing to use some terrorist who comes to a clear understanding of who God is to further God's gracious work. Let me just encourage you. He's willing to use you and…I'm going to make a clear point today…he wants to use you.

Sermon Questions
  1. What are your takeaways from the teachings we have experienced in the book of Acts?
  2. In Acts 1, we are told we will experience power. Where does the power come from? Explain.
  3. What does Chuck mean when he says even when you are chained to circumstances, the gospel is not chained?
  4. “We have to, like Paul in Acts 28:30, continue to proclaim the kingdom of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ resurrected from the grave. This is our moment when we must remind ourselves that we are the people of God. This is our moment when we must say, "I have decided I'm going to continue the Scriptures and the work of God that the purposes and the proclamation in the midst of the perils of the church will continue." It is our day to say, "We have decided.” Have you decided you are one of the people of God? What does that declaration mean?
  5. How are you writing Acts 29? How is the Acts of the Spirit being written in your life?
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