Soil and Roots: The Key to Being a Fruitful Christian

Bear Fruit

Chuck Adair & Jerry GonzalezAugust 21, 2021All Church, Bear Fruit, Evangelism

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Passage: Jeremiah 17:5-14


I have had seasons in my spiritual life that felt more like this desert than a thriving forest. And maybe you have been there too, when it felt like, “God, I’m not sure where you are. I just don’t feel much. I still do the right things, I still look like a good Christian, I go to church, I try and pray, I read my Bible, I’m still tithing, I still invite people to church, and look at my life on the outside and everything is fine there too, I am doing well at my job, my family we have our struggles but we’re doing well; but on the inside, beneath the surface, it just doesn’t seem to be much there anymore. There isn’t a real fruitfulness on the inside.” I have a question I want us to answer today… At the most basic level, what does it take to be a fruitful Christian?

Sermon Questions
  1. Answer this question in your own words...At the most basic level, what does it take to be a fruitful Christian?
  2. Based on the sermon, would you describe yourself as a tree or as a shrub? Explain your answer.
  3. What is the location of your trust? Do you believe that you are blind to your blindness? Explain your answer.
  4. Explain a time that you have cried out to God. How did he respond to you?
  5. You need godly friends who will walk along beside you and say the hard but loving things to you. Do you believe that? Explain.
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