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Chuck AdairMay 19, 2024All Church

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Passage: James 2:14-26


People learn to compartmentalize. On Sunday morning you’re dressed like a Christian, you’re in church like a Christian, you know the songs like a Christian, you take communion like a Christian, you know how to say “have a blessed day” like a Christian—on Sunday you got it, bro! But then when you walk out of these church doors the rest of your week has no marks of Jesus or faith or spirituality…your life bears nothing noticeably different than your non-Christian coworker.

Sermon Questions
  1. How does your life show that your faith is real?
  2. In fact, a study by the Barna Group asked non-Christians about their perception of Christians and found that 87 percent said Christians were judgmental, 85 percent said Christians were hypocritical, and 78 percent said Christians were out of touch. Do you agree with those statistics? Explain your answer.
  3. Faith is just belief in action. Head knowledge becomes faith once it’s acted upon in obedience. Explain that in your own words.
  4. You may not know this, but demons have a strong belief in God. Demons aren’t atheist or even agnostic. Demons have an even better faith than dead faith because not only do they believe the right things, but they’re even emotionally impacted by their belief—they shudder. You know a lot about the Savior; but you don’t personally know the Savior! Do you personally know the Savior? Explain your answer.
  5. Does the way you live your life correlate with what you say you believe? Explain.
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