It’s Hard to Lick Your Tongue


Chuck AdairJune 2, 2024All Church

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Passage: James 3:1-18

The tongue is powerful. It’s a relatively small part of your body, but it determines the whole course of your life.
Sermon Questions
  1. People form opinions of you based on your words.  What story can told about you based on your words?
  2. Your tongue is compared to a fire. In what ways has your tongue lit people on fire and burned people? 
  3. In your opinion, why is the tongue so hard to tame? 
  4. Your words are the single best indicator of the state of your heart. A tongue problem is ultimately a heart problem. Where does your heart need work and how does your tongue show it?
  5. David Jeremiah says, “People with a propensity to talk a lot… cannot go on forever talking about nothing; they inevitably go on to scandal and gossip rather than be silent.” Why should we be slow to speak and why should we be careful about our words?
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