Favoritism and Judgment: People Who Don’t Belong in Church


Chuck AdairApril 28, 2024All Church

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Passage: James 2:1-13


Christians are renewed in the image of Christ, and we can accept and are called to accept all people, regardless of their status, situation, or history. Jesus Christ in His earthy ministry went everywhere in Israel. He ministered to both believers and unbelievers. He showed compassion and mercy to all. He did not show favoritism, for God shows no partiality, Galatians 2:6.

Sermon Questions
  1. Why is partiality a big deal to God?
  2. How have you showed partiality in your own life? Do you feel convicted about that? Explain.
  3. All of us have different preconceived notions about other people. How is God showing you to love those different than yourself? Are you listening to his leading? Why or why not?
  4. Looking down on someone for any superficial reason or treating them with any less respect because of something they are or are not, is a sin. How do you feel about that statement?
  5. How quickly do you embrace people of questionable circumstances? Explain your “why” to that question.
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