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Chuck AdairApril 21, 2024All Church

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Passage: James 1:19-27


Just Do It also has spiritual implications as James reminds us in the passage before us. One of the more frustrating situations to deal with is people who are full of ideas but never lift a finger to do anything. They can tell you what to do, but they are unwilling to help by doing something themselves. I found this to very frustrating when I worked secular jobs. This issue is also true in the Christian life. There are many in the Lord’s body who want to tell others what to do or always have a great idea. But who are the people who are listening? Who are the people that are doing? James is going to note this problem to help us construct a godly life. 

Sermon Questions
  1. Nike has made a fortune with the Just Do It ad campaign. What are the spiritual implications of that statement for you spiritually?
  2. We are often moving so fast and are so busy we will not stop and listen to the word of the Lord. Where in your life have you moved too fast and the Lord was really telling you to slow down?
  3. James calls for spiritual house cleaning. It is a picture similar to take off filthy clothes after a long day working outside. What needs to be cleared out of your spiritual house? What junk are you still holding on to that needs to go to the trash pile?
  4. We’re only as strong as our obedience. Are you fully obeying and following what God has in mind for you?
  5. The tongue is supposed to be reined in." James condemns the unbridled tongue and says your life before God is worthless Christians cannot have galloping tongues. " Return to verse 19 where we are told to be "slow to speak." We must watch what we say and think about what we say. What does it look like for you to control your tongue?
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