Alive In Me


Chuck AdairApril 17, 2022All Church

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Passage: Matthew 28:1-20


If the Resurrection happened, it’s ‘game-on’ for all things Christian. And if it didn’t, then it’s GAME OVER, because everything else we believe is a hoax!

Sermon Questions
  1. What does the resurrection mean to you?
  2. How would you respond if someone asserted the resurrection is a hoax? What evidence would you use to prove your point?
  3. How does the resurrection of Jesus help you deal with guilt, injustice, addictions, and pain?
  4. How are we like the chief priests? In your heart you are convinced that Jesus is probably true—or at least you suspect that he might be—but you never really press in because you don’t like the implications for your life if it is true?
  5. Penn Jillette, the atheist: “A lot of my atheist friends get mad… I can respect that. What I don’t understand is people who believe this and don’t try to persuade me. ‘How much do you have to hate somebody…?’" Are you telling the story of Jesus? If not and you believe the resurrection, why not?
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