Risen. Indeed.


Chuck Adair & Jerry GonzalezApril 3, 2021All Church, Easter

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Everything you appreciate about Jesus came from people who believed that he rose from the dead, and who said that if the resurrection is not true everything is false. So in light of that I want to share with you a story that Jesus told a group of people. It’s one of the most famous short stories in the world—Charles Dickens called it “the finest short story ever written.” But I don’t want you to hear it as a quaint story. I want you to hear it as truth.

Discussion Questions
  1. What does Easter mean to you?
  2. When you read the story of the Prodigal Son, who is the hero of the story? Explain your answer.
  3. The story of the Prodigal Son gives you a picture of the trajectory of sin. It usually starts great. Did you know the Bible says “there is pleasure in sin”? What do you think scripture means in that?
  4. How has Jesus “run after you?”  How has the resurrection made all things new in your life?
  5. Do you believe that there are none of us who are beyond the reach of God’s grace? Explain your answer.
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