Decisions Good Father’s Make

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Chuck AdairJune 18, 2023All Church

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Mordecai knew that there was a time in which a child's life matures and he or she has a purpose. Which begs another question, dad, what is the purpose we're challenging our children to live for? What is the purpose we are preparing them for? Equipping them for? Are we helping them have great dreams about God's kingdom? Are we challenging them to think great thoughts about God's church? Are we equipping them for that time when they will be released, and then do we back off and let the archer control their destiny? That's what he did.

Sermon Questions
  1. Mordecai isn't a father by choice. He is an adoptive father—maybe a single dad, for all we know. When you think of Fathers, what comes to mind?
  2. Mordecai decided to be a father. What choices do you have to make to be a good father or grand-father? If you don’t have kids, how did your dad make choices to father you?
  3. What is the purpose we're challenging our children to live for?
  4. What does it look like for you to challenge the people in your life to live for a bigger purpose? Are you doing that? Why or why not?
  5. Who is the Haman in your life? That person who makes your life hard? How is God calling you to love them?
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